Mobile DTV and SFN Overview

COMARK Communications offers solutions for Mobile DTV and Single Frequency Network (SFN) implementations. Mobile DTV is a relatively simple and inexpensive upgrade to any DTV station, leveraging the existing high power RF transmission equipment. ATSC has standardized A/153 for providing in-band mobile signals using the 8VSB signal while improving reception in the mobile environment. The broadcast industry is embracing the technology, with emergency communications / disaster recovery being the ultimate application for Mobile DTV since it doesn’t rely on the cellular infrastructure, which can easily become overloaded in such circumstances. Local content still remains king and viewers also want to tune into their local affiliates for news / sports / weather on the go.

SFN is another tool that broadcasters can implement to improve DTV signal coverage. SFN is made up of two or more transmitter simultaneously broadcasting the same time-synchronized signal over the same frequency to achieve greater signal coverage and reception. COMARK’s SFN solution is field proven and ready to implement in your DTV network.
Broadcasters can easily implement Mobile DTV and/or SFN with our leading-edge ATSC-8000 DTV exciter. The exciter features real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) for excellent stability and quality of the signal—regardless of variations in typical environmental conditions. In addition to the DTV exciter, COMARK can supply the ancillary building blocks including encoding / multiplexing / ESG table servers.
ATSC 8000 Datasheet Link
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