COMARK offers the market leading DCX Millennium and DCX Paragon high-power tube-based transmitters for UHF installations. The DCX Millennium incorporates standard IOT-based high-power amplifier (HPA) technology while the DCX Paragon features the Multi-Stage Depressed Collector (MSDC) IOT high-efficiency HPA.

DCX Paragon UHF DTV transmitter features:

  • MSDC-IOT technology for unsurpassed 60% efficiency; lowers electrical bills up to 33% over conventional IOT
  • Patented Soft Arc Technology (SAT) eliminates crowbar and improves reliability
  • Patented pure internal oil cooling system for multi-collector devices
  • Lowest cost of ownership for any high power DTV transmitter

    DCX Paragon Datasheet Link

DCX Millennium UHF DTV transmitter features:
  • Standard IOT technology provides up to 150kW TPO
  • Modular design provides the easiest accessibility for the lowest MTTR
  • HPA microprocessor controller provides flexibility for tube setup and power supply adjustments
  • Fiber optically isolated High Voltage metering system provides easy to read monitoring in a convenient location
  • Positive pressure cooling keeps dust and foreign materials out of the HPA cabinet

    DCX Millennium Datasheet Link

The DCX family features the ATSC-8000 digital TV exciter. The ATSC-8000 exciter embeds Emmy® award winning Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP) technology. DAP corrects both linear and non-linear distortions in the transmitter system yielding the best possible SNR. DAP can also compensate for performance variances due to changes in environmental conditions, component aging, or reduction of output power. The ATSC-8000 exciter is compatible with legacy ATSC (A/53), ATSC Mobile DTV (A/153) and / or single frequency network (A/110-2011) standards.
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