COMARK Communications features the market leading ATSC-8000 and ATSC-5000 digital TV exciters for the North American market. The ATSC-8000 exciter is designed to work either in stand-alone mode with OEM DTV transmitters of fully integrated into COMARK medium and high power digital TV transmitters.

The ATSC-5000 is a lower cost version ideally suited for the LPTV market; flash cuts on existing analog LPTV transmitters. Both exciters are packaged in a compact 1RU platform with a flexible architecture based on FPGA / integrated ARM architecture. Both platforms are software upgradeable either remotely or locally.

ATSC-8000 DTV exciter features:
  • Compatibility with A/53 and A/153 ATSC fixed and Mobile DTV standard
  • Industry Leading Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP)
  • Dual TS inputs (DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310M auto sensing), provides seamless A/B input redundancy
  • Dual memory locations; stores full and ½ power DAP and AGC settings for simple and quick pattern changes
  • Optional ATSC A/110:2011 Single Frequency Network (SFN) compatible, built-in GPS receiver
ATSC-5000 DTV exciter features:
  • Compatibility with A/53 ATSC fixed DTV standard
  • Optional RF tuner for operation as a DTV translator
  • Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP) for simple and easy exciter setup and maintenance
  • System level AGC input; perfect for A/D flash cuts on existing LPTV transmitters
  • Simple user monitoring / control via front panel Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
  • Rear panel dry loop control and monitor connections
ATSC-8000 Datasheet Link
ATSC 5000 Datasheet Link
The ATSC-8000 and ATSC-5000 exciters from COMARK feature Emmy® award winning Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP) technology. DAP corrects both linear and non-linear distortions in the transmitter system yielding the best possible SNR. DAP can also compensate for performance variances due to changes in environmental conditions, component aging, or reduction of output power.
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